How To See The World Through Trout Colored Glasses.


It’s has been just a week since my last fly fishing article was posted online and to my surprise, it received a ton of traffic. Thank you for reading and sharing it with your friends.

Well guess what? Taylor Creek Fly Shop has just posted another one of my articles on their blog, I could not be more honored.

The article is called “The City Fishing Guide”, it is just a brief account of a geographically misplaced Fly Fishing guide trying to make connections in a big city. Call it a treasure hunt if you will.

Here is a taste: “…….I had to get a fix. So I went down to South Platte River right here in downtown Denver and found an eddy behind a trashed grocery cart freshly thrown into the river. I took a number of big inhales through my nose to get a whiff of the fresh smog from a nearby factory to help transport me back to the place that I love. To my surprise it didn’t work. But I was still optimistic.”

I will be posting the entire article here in just a few days. Please check it out on their blog and leave me a comment of your thoughts and if you have had any similar experiences, I would enjoy hearing your stories.

Those of us that would prefer to hear the river report instead of a progress report NEED to stick together.

Please hit the ‘follow’ button, I appreciate you support and you will be the first to catch the freshest stories.

Thank you again,

Glenn Smith


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