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If you have an extra $90,000…I got something for you!

I have a love for simple, perfect machines. This 1940’s stapler for example;


This little machine of simplicity is designed to do only one thing, it is meant to attach 2 or more piece of paper together and that is about it, But is it? By the nature of its design It has also become a very attractive object. By just looking at it, it tells you of an era, it has a story a soul. It represents the beginning of the “machine age”. You can just tell that it will weigh something, it freaking heavy! It does not look as if it was built for a profit margin but as something that will last the test of time.

When I look at motorcycles or bicycles, I look for the same qualities that I find in this stapler.

Just recently I have been on Ebay scanning the old motorcycles and stumbled across this little gem, A 1936 DKW Factory works racer (current bid of $75,000 at the time of the writing of this article) and it is so worth it. It tells you a story just sitting there!  Look below;


This bike is SO out of my budget, but a boy can dream. Here is the link to the Ebay listing.

I like art, paintings, sculpture and so on, But THIS to me surpasses any painting I have ever admired. We are all aware of the old adage “form follows function” but this example needs to be reclassified as “function follows beauty”, That is a rarity.

I am interestes in what your favorite objects of desire might be? Please comment in the comment section, I look forward to seeing your lusts


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